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Information for Local Service Providers

Information for Local Service Providers

This part of the CLEAR project is aimed at defining:

  1. quality standards for the Service provision;
  2. precise and detailed procedures to provide the Technical Support Service (TSS) to the Clinical Centres.

Local Service Providers (LoSP) are local entities that grant daily technical support to the Clinical Centres for the TeleRehabilitation Service (TRS) provision. Within the Habilis Telerehabilitation Service they must comply with indications reported in the LoSP Manual in order to keep high and homogeneous the Quality of Service and to maintain their Habilis accreditation. The document will be the basis for the operational Technical Support Service. During the CLEAR project, the LoSP Manual will be distributed to all LoSPs in order to carry out the Service Setup at the four Clinical Centres. Successively, at the end of the project, the document will be revised and validated, and will become the keystone for all LoSPs that in future will join the Habilis Europe Network.
Within such Network, the LoSPs will be the actors that will assist technically the hospitals in the service delivery. They can be local companies (mostly SMEs), but also Habilis agents, or even internal staff appointed from the Clinical Centres.

Procedures and indications that have been defined for LoSP management and activities cover the following aspects:

  • LoSP recruiting: among small ICT companies operating at local level; single individuals, like Habilis Agents, or free lance technicians, in any case with a good skill in System and Network administration and geographically close to the Clinical Centre
  • LoSP activities: Installation; Equipment maintenance; Patient station re-allocation and licenses management
  • LoSP Administrative staff: responsible for all contractual and administrative issues
  • LoSP Technical staff: responsible for the technical assessment for Patient Station installation; for Installation and configuration of the Patients Stations; for Re-assignment of Patient Stations to new users; and for Answering technical queries
  • Hardware Equipment: Patient Station is generally composed by PC, Headset/microphone, Webcam arm, Webcam, Tablet (optional), Additional modules)
  • Software equipment: Habilis Platform software and further equipment (i.e. rehabilitation tools));
  • LoSP accreditation: LoSP Requisites; Necessary Documentation; Inspection procedures; Courses
  • Local Service Provision procedure for Technical assessment of patient environment; Patient Station installation; Patient Station uninstallation; Equipment Management; License management
  • Assistance Procedures for Patient’s assistance for Software upgrading, Hardware upgrading, Assistance on request

Currently, Local Service Provider manual, contains all information needed by the LoSPs for providing the Tele-Rehabilitation Service within the project. All service components (Hardware, Software, Staff, and Processes) are described and standard procedures are fixed in order to ensure all LoSPs to provide a homogeneous quality of the service in the different countries.
Some aspects (e.g. definition of hardware procurement modalities, contractual relationships, etc).
which are affected by the Business Model need to be further analyzed and will be finalized during the project course.