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CLEAR objectives

One of the main challenge in rehabilitation consists in developing new rehabilitation tools highly motivating for patients, with greater ecological validity, able to treat specific functions and to facilitate generalization to everyday activities, with the purpose to increase patients’ autonomy and quality of life, decrease family’s burden, stress and isolation and improve the effectiveness and use of resources of healthcare centres (by treating more patients at the same time).

With this scenario in mind, CLEAR project approaches two main different goals:

  1. to set-up a tele-rehabilitation service allowing doctors to design, develop and implement clinical based protocols for home rehabilitation and tele-care for self management. The different set of rehabilitation exercises will be designed for common pathologies affecting the elderly people (musculoskeletal, neurological chronic pain and pneumonic diseases). These exercise sets and proactive self care, tailored to the home environment, will allow people to maintain their abilities for a longer period of time;
  2. to set the first European standard for home tele-rehab, freely accessible from this WEB site.

The “CLEAR“ vision aims at providing a clinical leading methodological approach to implement efficiently such innovative service in the clinical practice. The project flow has been built with this “clinical user centric” concept as a possible mean to overcome the existing barriers.